Rainwater Harvesting Drawings


DrawingPDFPDF with filter (m²)DrawingPDFPDF with filter (m²)
RW1.2-20001 pdf icon1 pdf icon150RW2.5-250001 pdf icon 
RW1.2-30001 pdf icon1 pdf icon150RW2.5-300001 pdf icon   1650       20001 pdf icon1 pdf icon
RW1.5-40001 pdf icon1 pdf icon150RW2.5-320001 pdf icon 
RW1.5-50001 pdf icon1 pdf icon150RW2.5-360001 pdf icon1 pdf icon3000
RW1.5-60001 pdf icon1 pdf icon150RW2.5-400001 pdf icon   1650       30001 pdf icon1 pdf icon
RW1.5-80001 pdf icon1 pdf icon150RW2.5-450001 pdf icon1 pdf icon6000
RW1.5-100001 pdf icon    150 1 pdf icon       450  1 pdf iconRW2.5-500001 pdf icon   1650       30001 pdf icon1 pdf icon
RW1.8-120001 pdf icon1 pdf icon450RW2.5-600001 pdf icon1 pdf icon3000
RW1.8-140001 pdf icon1 pdf icon450RW2.5-650001 pdf icon 
RW1.8-150001 pdf icon    450        1650  1 pdf icon1 pdf iconRW2.5-700001 pdf icon 
RW1.8-160001 pdf icon RW2.5-750001 pdf icon 
RW2.5-180001 pdf icon RW2.5-800001 pdf icon1 pdf icon6000
RW2.5-200001 pdf icon   1650       20001 pdf icon1 pdf iconRW2.5-840001 pdf icon 
RW2.5-220001 pdf icon    

8 Help


Integrated filters available throughout the range to suit the collection surface area.  Sample sizes given in m² but other bespoke solutions are available on request.


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