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Bypass separatorFull retention separatorForecourt separatorGrease trap

Bypass Separator

Full Retention Separator

Forecourt Separator

Grease Trap

Clereflo ASP packaged sewage treatment plantClereflo NSAF packaged sewage treatment plantTechflo SAF modular sewage treatment plantClereflo MBR packaged sewage treatment plant

Clereflo ASP 6-20PE Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant

Clereflo NSAF 25-50 Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant

Techflo SAF 60-600PE Modular Sewage Treatment Plant

Clereflo MBR Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant

Pumping SystemsGeneral underground storage tanksChemical and above ground storage tanksRainwater harvesting systems

Pumping Systems

General Underground Storage Tanks

Chemical & Above Ground Storage Tanks

Rainwater Harvesting Systems



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